Cloud Village vExpert You’re in! vEXPERT 2019

You’re in! vEXPERT 2019

It’s been couple of days that I got this mail with awesome news. I was almost refreshing my mailbox for all the past days just to see if there is a mail or not. And one fine evening, when I was lost in my world, there is a buzz sound and on 26 July 2019, I got an email with “Welcome to vEXPERT“, and I was on cloud nine.

It was moment of real pride and happiness as you see your efforts are getting recognised. I have been working on VMware solutions & break fixes all this while but never drafted my work for community reuse.

I heard about vEXPERT for long time but couldn’t really gave proper time to this aspect of applying for it. This year, I set new goals for myself to draft my work in form of blogs as well as be active on VMware community/Slack channels and I decided to apply fo vExpert 2019 in first half which I missed but I couldn’t afford to loose the second half. I applied and got successful in achieving it.

I would like to thank vEXPERT team who invest their huge efforts and time to recognise the contribution of people in the field of Virtualisation, networking or cloud.

I promise to keep supporting community with more work and will keep learning from such a wonderful community of people.

Mazhar Hussain

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