Cloud Village VMware Identity Manager VMware Identity Manger- Part 2: Configure Directory (Active Directory)

VMware Identity Manger- Part 2: Configure Directory (Active Directory)

Hi Everyone, So if you have through here, i believe you understood Part 1 in this series where we discussed how to configure VMware Identity Manager tenant with on-premises Connector.

Let’s go ahead and see how to configure directory in VMware Identity Manager in quick simple steps

  • Login to VMware Identity Manager portal and navigate to Identity & Access Management > Manage > Directories and click on Add Directory
  • Enter the details for your Active Directory domain and select Active Directory (Integrated Windows Authentication)
  • Scroll the wizard and enter Bind User Credentials. Click on Save & Next
  • Select the domain, you can see multiple domains in actual production scenario. Click Next
  • Verify the attribute from VMware Identity Manager & Active directory and click Next
  • Enter the DN for the groups which you want to sync with VMware Identity Manager. You can fetch DN from Active Directory. Click Next
  • Enter User DN, if you specifically want to sync user. I left is blank. Click Next
  • Dry run is performed and you will see what all users & Groups are going to sync. Click on Sync Directory
  • You can verify the sync status on directories tab.
  • Navigate to Users & Groups to see synced Users

Note: You need to navigate to Identity & Access Management > Preferences and select “Sync Group Members to the Directory When Adding Group” and Save

Next, we will talk about authentication methods for Intranet users in Part 3 of this series.

Thanks for reading, let me know your feedback.

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