Cloud Village VMware Identity Manager VMware Identity Manager Integration with WordPress

VMware Identity Manager Integration with WordPress

Well this article has no reference as such. I was experimenting integration of WordPress with VMware Identity Manager for authentication using SAML. For this, I have my setup of VIDM SAAS instance and On-premises Active Directory as well as a WordPress Site.

  • Login to VMware Identity Manager portal and navigate to Catalog > Web Apps.
  • Click on Settings
  • Download the Identity Provider (IdP) metadata as well as Signing Certificate
  • Login to WordPress admin console and click on Plugins and select Add New
  • Search for SSO and it will list many SAML SP Plugins, I have installed the first one for my testing.
  • Install and activate the plugin and click on settings to configure it. Click on Upload IDP metadata select the file which is downloaded from VMware Identity Manager and upload it.
  • Once IDP metadata is uploaded, it will populate the complete IDP form as shown below. Click on Save
  • Click on Service Provider metadata tab and click on Download for Metadata XML
  • Login back to VMware Identity Manager portal and navigate to Catalog > Web Apps and click on New
  • Enter a name for your WordPress App and click Next
  • In configuration page, paste the XML configuration which is downloaded from WordPress App Click on Next
  • Click Next for default policy
  • Click on Save & Assign
  • Add users and select Automatic and click on Save
  • New Application will be added with assignment.
  • Create users in WordPress with same users attribute as in directory source.
  • Open a new Incognito Browser and access VMware Identity Manager portal and login with test user
  • Click on Web App and it will login automatically.
  • You can validate the same in VIDM reports. Navigate to Dashboard> Reports
  • Select Audit Events and type Launch which shows CloudVillage app under Object and Event as Launch (Saml20) for user1 and user2

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